Barrier One Contract Agency is a female, disabled veteran owned company that is the Government and Military contacting agency, which is the distributor for the Concrete Moisture Solutions (CMS) products; Barrier One, CS Xtreme and CPS. CMS is the industry leader in liquid Porosity Inhibiting Admixtures (PIA) for use in all concrete construction.

These products have been independently tested and certified as a porosity inhibiting, shrinkage reducing, corrosion inhibiting, a Chloride Ion Penetration inhibitor, an Alkali Silicate Reaction (ASR) reducer and also provides increased strength.

Barrier One Contract Agency’s concrete products improve your project’s performance.  Our flagship product, Barrier One, is a “Porosity Inhibiting Admixture” (PIA) which increases the Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H) in mix designs without the use of sodium silicates. Barrier One renders the concrete non-hygroscopic (impermeable). When used in concrete, there are no bonding issues with adhesives, flooring and coatings. With over 3,100 projects to date, Barrier One’s Products and Process provides the industry’s only Life of the Concrete Warranty and Adhesion Guarantee.   Barrier One offers a project specific warranty based on your project; covering labor and materials for any flooring replacement due to moisture vapor emission movement from the floor slab. Concrete Moisture Solutions has a 14-year record with no flooring failures.

Barrier One’s “sodium silicate free” concrete enhancement technology provides the only porosity inhibiting admixture “PIA” available in the marketplace with .31 - .52 w/cm ranges.  Please feel free to contact us for these independently documented test results.