Barrier One, Inc. “An Affiliate of Concrete Moisture Solutions, Inc.”, have created, through its new laboratory and production facility, a complex, revolutionary, advanced non-sodium silicate formulation, Porosity Inhibiting Admixture (PIA). This admixture produces a high strength, closed pore structure concrete via the creation of abundant quantities of Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H), through our Concrete Enhancement Technology (CET) process.

As in our original Barrier One admixture, we as a company strive to better the concrete industry by improving our products through continued research and development. The prolific C-S-H content establishes an impermeable concrete that is a certified shrink reducer, a certified corrosion inhibitor, providing added strength, reduced warping, a certified ASR inhibitor and an un-paralleled ease of finishing through an undiluted rich paste surface.

A complex new prescription through our exclusive Concrete Enhancement Technology (CET) for all structural concrete uses to include, but not limited to; roof decks, salt/marine environments, interior and exterior slabs, roads, bridges, infrastructure projects, structural retaining walls, parking garages, tiltwall and high strength post tensioned slabs. Barrier One Admixture promises to elevate concrete to an innovative, never economically achieved position. 

Keep your focus on the customer…the building owner…and everything else becomes easy.


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