Concrete Moisture Solutions, Inc. is the United States’ sole distributor of the CPS Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixture (MVRA). For projects that require a commodity lower-priced product, CPS admixture provides an economical way to address complete moisture vapor emission issues and eliminate the need for surface-applied moisture mitigation products on new concrete slabs.

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  • Product Manufacturers Defect Warranty
  • Adhesion guarantee for adhesive bond to concrete
  • Used in lightweight and normal weight concrete
  • Complex MVRA liquid admix
  • Certified Shrink, Corrosion and ASR Inhibitor
  • CPS is the ONLY MVRA independently tested by a third party
  • Effective and economical concrete moisture control
  • Water to Cementitious Ratio: .40 - .53
  • Eliminates delays due to failed field moisture tests
  • CPS works with Supplemental Cementitious Materials (SCM)

A Solid Performer

CPS Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixture (MVRA) is a non-toxic admixture with a long history of successful installations in the field. Our limited lifetime warranty and adhesion guarantee provide peace of mind.

Independent Testing

Independent testing labs have proven CPS to be an extremely effective sodium silicate-based MVRA.

Reduction in Shrinkage
ASTM C-157 Testing
Reduction in Corrosion
ASTM C-1543 Testing