Barrier One Concrete

Budget-friendly control.



  • Integral concrete waterproofing admix across a wider variety of mix designs.
  • Integument water source is not required to activate product or create function.
  • Waterproofing results available in as little as 48 Hrs.
  • Classified as a Permeability Reducing Admixture for Hydraulic Conditions (PRAH) per ACI 212.3R
  • Further assists concrete’s natural ability to self- heal.
  • WPX dosing offers normal  mix designs as much as 2x the extended  service-life.
  • WPX is the only sodium silicate based water-proofing solution USA sourced & manufactured in house. 
    • There are no “gray” product implications with this admix.
  • Standard WPX consultive mix design reviews offer long-term project success
  • Limited material defect warranty with ability to enhance negative side coatings or positive side waterproofing bond.
  • Compatible with well consolidated steel and composite fibers.
  • Facilitates Finishing processes
Barrier One WPX is a demonstrated & certified complex sodium silicate- based Type “S” Waterproofing Admixture (per ASTM C494/ C494M). It is an integral waterproofing agent that produces low – permeability concrete across a wide spectrum of mix designs without the potential of contributing to surface coating delamination. WPX is classified as a PRAH by ACI 212.3 R & is a recommended admix in combatting hydrostatic head pressures found in both below / above grade water retaining structures.