About us


Concrete Moisture Solutions and Barrier One, Inc. are each owned by the same entity…CMS is the manufacturing, shipping and R&D company and BOI is the admixture product, management and marketing company…As part of our legal and tax planning and the advice of the professionals from those two areas of expertise, we have separated the BOI product (admixture), management and marketing segments from our rapidly expanding CMS manufacturing, shipping and research and development company. Each of these companies have different budgets, personnel, management requirements and revenue streams.

Since the creation of our original Barrier One admix product, a continued focus on the changes in mix designs has led to advanced formula modifications, including the elimination of sodium silicates and an expanded 0.31 – 0.52 w/cm. With the addition of a new built in laboratory and hiring an in-house Chemist, we as a company strive to better the concrete industry by improving our products by way of continued research and development.

Through our expansion into several international countries we have carried out a great deal of strategic planning with our management, production, legal and accounting teams and have arrived at the changes reflected on our website and in our new, soon to be released, brochures.

Our product liability insurance has been increased to $11M, our warranties are still inclusive of both segments of our structure (CMS and BOI Admixture) and our commitment to our clients continues to expand with the addition of new personnel (Chemist and Architect), new product lines, new wholly owned state of the art production facility in Winter Garden, Florida and our resolute dedication to product advancement, enhancement and testing that separates Concrete Moisture Solutions and Barrier One admixture from those that make the baseless claims of being equal.


Contact us: info@barrierone.com        1(877) 224-5850

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