Barrier One Concrete

Close pore structures. No compromises.


Barrier One Porosity Inhibiting Admixture is a high-performance concrete admixture that completely shuts down the route of concrete moisture movement. Barrier One and its sister product for outdoor use CSXtreme are the only two scientifically proven porosity inhibiting admixtures (PIAs) on the market.


  • Life Of the Concrete Warranty¬©¬†with inclusive Adhesive Bond Warranty
  • Field Moisture Testing is not necessary for Barrier One Warranty consideration
  • Eliminates Topical Moisture Mitigation
  • Flooring install in as little as 7 days after concrete placement following ASTM F-710 guidelines
  • Sodium Silicate Free
  • Densifies and significantly reduces slab permeability
  • Increases Strength
  • Used in Light and Normal Weight Concrete
  • Certified Shrink Reducer
  • Certified Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Certified Alkali-Silica Reaction Inhibitor
  • Water to Cementitious Materials Ratio: 0.31 to 0.52
  • Inhibits Warping and Curling
  • Daily project internal permeability testing per ASTM D-5084
  • Eliminates Efflorescence
  • Resistant to Oils, Fats, and Acids\
  • Deters Surface Dusting
  • Minimizes Surface Cracks
  • Increased Density


86% average reduction in shrinkage on submitted real-world mix designs


22% average increase from tested mix designs


42% average reduction in corrosion on submitted samples during a 1-year study


15,000+ field samples independently lab tested to confirm impermeability (ASTM D-5084)

ASR (Alkali Silica Reaction):

100% successful test results on all samples submitted during a 2-year study

Adhesion Testing:

100% successful installations on over 3,400+ samples, with no failures in over 15 years

* Results: 200 PSI over 6 weeks