A guaranteed solution to acid exposed concrete.


Barrier One Concrete Admixtures is proud to announce our newest addition to our product lineup. Our continuing evolution and innovations, coupled with extensive testing, research and development have led to the creation of Endacere (ARCA), our newest addition, an Acid Reducing Concrete Admixture. Barrier One Concrete Admixtures provides leadership through our advanced Concrete Enhancement Technology (CET)®, research and development, independent testing and proven quality processes.


  • Extends the life expectancy of concrete by 50%
  • Deicing:  0% Scaling per ASTM C-672
  • Ponding: 80% Reduction in Corrosion per ASTM -1543
  • ASR Reduction: 78% Average Reduction in Alkali Silicate Reaction per ASTM – 1260
  • Rapid Chloride Ion Penetration: 42% Reduction in Corrosion per ASTM – C1202
  • Inhibits Amino Acid Penetration from Animal Waste
  • Decreases risks of animal health issues and lameness
  • Easy mechanical clean up
  • Decreased odor
  • Easily profiled in less time
  • Certified ASR Inhibitor
  • Certified Shrink Reducer
  • Certified Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Increased animal performance and improved health conditions
  • Provides an impermeable closed pore structure concrete
  • Easy mechanical cleanup, concrete is easily profiled in less time
  • Increases concrete strength, eliminates efflorescence, inhibits warping, curling and scaling
  • Extends concrete life by 15+ years


  • Chemical Storage, Cold Storage, and Salt Storage Facilities
  • Wine and Alcohol Aging Warehouses
  • Zoo Enclosures, Veterinary Medical Clinics, and Animal Shelters
  • Dairy Farms, Cattle Feed Lots, Fish Farms
  • Sewage Treatment, Water Treatment, and Chemical Manufacturing Plants

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Endacere (ARCA), like all specialty concrete admixtures should be specified in the Architectural Specification Division 3 as well as listed in the “structural notes” provided by the Structural Engineer. Endacere (ARCA) is supplied and dosed by your local Ready Mix Supplier