Product Description:

CSXtreme Admixture, a porosity inhibiting admixture (PIA) developed by Concrete Moisture Solutions, chemical and concrete experts to enable project teams to utilize the enhanced properties of Barrier One for exterior applications.  As an admixture, it is integral to the concrete, not surface applied, and its use will render the concrete impermeable, eliminating the need for surface sealers and coatings.  CSXtreme provides corrosion, shrink and ASR inhibiting properties along with increased strength in an exterior formulation.
CSXtreme Admixture is a very unique, VOC free formulation specifically designed to reduce overall concrete permeability.  It combines with pre-existing elements inside the mix and initiates a natural chemical reaction that disrupts the integral concrete pore structure and capillary system; which is the route of moisture and chemical intrusion in exterior concrete. This chemical reaction creates abundant C-S-H (calcium silicate hydrate) which forms a permanent barrier (capillary break) that is insoluble and irremovable.


By closing the capillary system CSXtreme Admixture facilitates suspended hydrating moisture that is irremovable yet available for sustained cement particle hydration.  Therefore, the use of CSXtreme Admixture results in concrete that is denser, stronger, with increased abrasion resistance, reduced slab warping, and significantly reduced shrinkage and permeability.



Data Sheet