1. Did Barrier One change it’s name to CMS Admixture?

 No, Concrete Moisture Solutions, Inc. is and always has been the manufacturing entity producing Barrier One Admixture. Barrier One, Inc. is an affiliate of CMS.

2. Do I still need a vapor retarder under my slab if BARRIER ONE PIA renders the slab impermeable?

 Yes. Industry requirements under ACI 302.2R, ASTM F710, and ASTM 1745 that vapor retarder be installed per ASTM 1643 directly under the slab.

3. What other demonstrated benefits does Barrier One Admixture offer?

In addition to being a Porosity Inhibiting Admixture (PIA), Barrier One is also a certified corrosion inhibitor, shrinkage reducing admixture, and Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) Inhibitor. Additionally, other benefits include, but are not limited to: increased strength, eliminated efflorescence, reduced slab curling and warping, improved workability, and providing resistance to oils, fats, and acids.

4. What technical support does Barrier One offer?

In addition to our certified manufacturing methodology, Barrier One offers a host of independent field processes that provides quality control on the job site. Barrier One’s staff includes flooring experts, construction professionals, Architects, engineers, and a PHD Chemist providing outstanding customer service from the beginning to the end of the project.

5. Are other products equal to Barrier One?

No, Barrier One is the only product that is scientifically proven to work. See Science page for more information.

6. Do I need deionized water?

No. Deionized water is an advertising gimmick and has been scientifically proven to produce adverse effects by attracting and concentrating heavy metals in any product it is used in. Additionally, when added to any concrete mix, it becomes no longer deionized as concrete is made with normal potable water.

7. How much lead time do I need?

In most instances, once the order is placed, the product can be delivered in 2 – 3 days. Critical options are available.

8. Are MVRA’s and PIA warranties the same?

No. Barrier One Porosity Inhibiting Admixture (PIA) provides the only Life of the Concrete Warranty without many of the caveats implied in competitors warranties. (see warranty under technical data tab).

9. Can Barrier One be used with LEED mix designs?

Yes. Barrier One PIA contributes toward Leed points when used in a system.

10. Does the product offer other benefits to engineers?

We have research and test results available proving the attributes of Barrier One. These results provide proof of product performance to the engineers on your project. See Science page or contact your Regional Representative for more information.

11. What makes Barrier One’s processes so important?

Our U.S.-based technical, in-house manufacturing quality controls, and field testing ensure we provide consistent results every time.

12. Can Barrier One work with all mix designs? Light weight concrete?

Yes. Barrier One works with a wide range of mix designs for a variety of applications. Mix designs are reviewed by experienced technical staff.

13. How is Barrier One packaged?

Barrier One is a liquid admixture shipped in various types of containers such as pails, drums, and totes.

14. Can Barrier One help with specifications?

Yes. Please see our technical data page under specifications or contact your Regional Representative.

15. Is Barrier One useable in all types of concrete and how does it affect concrete surfaces?

Barrier One is useable in all types of concrete and fundamentally enhances the concrete surface providing a richer, non-diluted paste.

16. How soon can I install flooring on a Barrier One dosed slab?

Minimally 7 – 10 days provided ASTM F710 guideline is followed.

17. What about stained or polished concrete?

Barrier One PIA-dosed concrete can be stained, dyed, or polished. Test area is advisable to confirm color.