Barrier One Concrete

MVRA's Fail To Live Up To Barrier One


Barrier One is a Porosity Inhibiting Admix (PIA). Chemically, it is substantially different than Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixtures (MVRAs).

The Science

Barrier One is a Porosity Inhibiting Admix or PIA. Barrier One PIA is a complex formula, sodium silicate free and includes a quantifiable tracer. It has been scientifically proven to be up to nine times stronger than MVRAs. No MVRA on the market has the chemical make-up of Barrier One PIA nor the testing to back it up.
While some may claim that an MVRA and Barrier One PIA are “the same”, the science is clear. Using advanced techniques at third party, independent labs, Barrier One PIA has been demonstrated to more effectively shut down capillary action. In fact, about 20% of our tests, the devices used were unable to pick-up any moisture movement in Barrier One PIA dosed concrete.
MVRAs are sodium silicate based whereas Barrier One PIA is sodium silicate free. Chemically, MVRA’s are much different than Barrier One PIA. Sodium silicates are a much older technology, performing much less effectively. Published data from MVRA websites indicate 10% reduction in moisture movement. Barrier One PIA testing shows 80-90% reduction in moisture movement

Peace of Mind

Planning a project with Barrier One PIA means peace of mind for your firm. Each day of placement, a sample is collected for testing to ensure your concrete is working as designed. Additionally, Barrier One PIA includes the strongest warranty on the market, setting the product further apart from MVRAs. Our Life of Concrete Warranty is transferable, so if an owner sells the property, our warranty is transferred to the next owner. With over 4,260 projects complete at the time of this post, we have had zero failures of Barrier One.

Time and Money Savings

Barrier One PIA works faster and more effectively to create more Calcium Silicate Hydrate, shutting down pores and capillaries. MVRAs simply reduce the moisture movement. Barrier One PIA renders the slab non-hygroscopic. This reduction in permeability means:
  • you can start placing floors in as few as seven days
  • there’s no additional moisture testing needed
  • you don’t need to worry about the slab being re-wet
Are you looking at adding other admixtures to the mix? Barrier One PIA is also certified as a:
  • shrink reducer
  • corrosion inhibitor
  • ASR inhibitor
…and it will increase the strength of your concrete. Want to find out more? Click here.