Scientific Data

Barrier One has set and maintained the standard in Concrete Enhancemenrt Technology. Producing indisputable results from over 3,000+ successful projects, over 10,000+ field samples, and years of continuous studies are just some examples which demonstrate our unceasing commitment to innovation and quality.
Independent partnerships with several leading labs across the country result in continuous experimentation, testing, and analysis. The following results come from independant certified labs.
We are proud to share our results demonstrating why Barrier One is the only scientifically proven Porosity Inhibiting Admixture; researched and developed, manufactured, and distributed by the leader in Concrete Enhancement Technology for over 15 years.



  75% average reduction in shrinkage on submitted real-world mix designs


  15% average increase from tested mix designs


  86% average reduction in corrosion on submitted samples during a 1 year study


  10,000+ field samples independantly lab tested to confirm impermeability (ASTM D-5084)

ASR (Alkali Silica Reaction):

  100% successful test results on all samples submitted during a two year study

Adhesion Testing:

  100% successfull installations on over 3,000+ samples. No failures in over 15 years